A Big Problem In The Personal Training Industry

Supplements are becoming a large problem in the personal training industry as they are a big threat to its integrity. Many personal trainers sell supplements to earn commission and to supplement their income.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with selling supplements it can pose a dilemma where you are put into a situation where you could compromise your personal ethics in order to sell a supplement your client might not need in order to make a little extra money.

If as a trainer, you have done your research and it is clear that a supplement could help your client reach their goals then go ahead and recommend it to your client. In some cases even when the product is valid to the customer as well as high quality the client can still suffer from expensive prices due to the high mark up necessary in order to fully compensate the personal trainer.

Unfortunately it is quite rare for a personal trainer to adequately research a supplement before selling a supplement under the promise of excellent results. In this scenario the trainer is creating a problem when the client after spending money on the recommended supplement sees no results.

Commonly the most expensive supplements offer the biggest kickbacks to the personal trainer and thus the client ends up paying even more for a supplement they might not even need.

If you want to recommend supplements to your client you need to put in the research in to just how effective the product is. The supplement industry is filled with more than just the standard protein powder and creatine. There are always the latest trends promoted on TV such as raspberry ketones.

It might have take you months to build up a trust with a client so don’t breach that trust just to make a couple of dollars on a single product.

Lastly when you do recommend a product make sure the client can get the best price possible. It is not difficult to set up a discount code page for your favourite brands a long with some affiliate links. This enables you to offer the best prices available via voucher codes whilst still earning your commission. Just take a look at this MuscleFood discount code page and this Myprotein discount code page as an example.

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5 Steps to Being Successful in the Online Fitness Industry

  1. Make connections

More doors will open when you know more people. It’s impossible to be an expert in everything so although you might have a decent understanding of many topics in fitness it will pay off to have friends who are experts in those subjects.

Many people are open to discussing topics in their area of expertise and to share knowledge just make sure you aren’t trying to be a freeloader and you can offer something back in return.

  1. Coach people

Whilst it may seem like you fully understand a topic, it always helps your understanding to teach it and explain it to someone else.

Aim to find internships with coaches who already coach the same type of people you want to work with. Coaching is a completely new skill that must be learnt. Whilst studying theory is certainly useful for widening your knowledge base it doesn’t motivate people or provide confidence to athletes.

  1. Don’t expect to make any significant amount of money for a long time

Between building your knowledge base, taking part in internships, growing a traffic base and doing work experience you can expect to do a lot of work for little to no money. Of course you can take a personal training course and within a few short weeks be teaching clients at your gym but you would be doing them a great disservice.

  1. Deal with people as individuals

Most people join the fitness industry in order to actually help people, it is important to remember that. If someone has taken the time to write a legitimate question then take the time to answer it.

Of course as your popularity grows you will have less time but never forget that any success you have achieved so far is down to the people that follow your work and buy your products. If someone is asking you a question they are probably one of your fans and have already or are at least thinking about supporting you by purchasing a product.

  1. Pass it on

Once you start to become popular and actually have a following don’t forget about all the people that gave you help to achieve what you have. If you have the opportunity to do so help out the people who are just starting out. This doesn’t mean you have to spoon feed them but it certainly doesn’t help pointing people in the right direction, particularly those who you can see are putting in a lot of work and just need a lucky break or some extra encouragement.

Give them some constructive criticism on their work, help set them up with people you know in the industry for things such as guest posts, share their work with your audience to get them some extra exposure.

Ultimately we are trying to help people and improve the quality of the fitness industry so the more talented people there are in the industry the more people we can help.

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Not All Of Your Personal Training Clients Want To Be Bodybuilders

All clients are different and they might have very different goals and reasons for wanting a personal trainer. You need to be able to figure out what those goals and reasons are so that you will be able to deliver what they want.

Many trainers have been where their client currently is and has gone through the process of getting in shape. The problem is that a client might not have the same level of motivation and usually hire a personal trainer because they are busy and want to remove some of the responsibility.

A lot of people join a gym with the overall goal of being healthier or to get in shape. They do expect to be taken out of their comfort zones from time to time but they might not be prepared to be pushed to the limit every session.

You should always keep your client in mind and their health should be the priority. You wouldn’t want to push them so hard that they get injured. Many clients will hire a personal trainer to show them the ropes and to introduce them to exercises in a safe and controlled way so that they don’t get injured.

Sometimes even if you know you can get them into the best shape of their lives with a six-pack it might be better to give them a more realistic goal. If you set a goal that can be achieved in 3 to 4 weeks the client may then decide to push himself that little bit further. At the end of the day it is always a better feeling to have achieved a small milestone than to fail at something bigger.

The greatest amount of value you can provide your clients is an education, similar to the expression it is better to teach a man how to fish rather than to just give him a fish. By making your client more knowledgeable it will also place more responsibility on the client so that they understand why they should be doing things a certain way and why it works.

It is certainly possible for the client to achieve their goals without them having to follow a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. Of course if your client wants to be a bodybuilder then by all means go ahead and treat them accordingly.

Make sure to set goals that they can be successful at. Training a person to do their first chin up is often more than enough to make them happy. Set short term weekly goals so that they can get into the habit of being successful and motivated.


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