Building Healthy Nutrition Habits With Your Clients

As a personal trainer being able to give nutrition advice to your clients can often be a grey area. Legally speaking only registered dieticians are allowed to prescribe diets and supplements to treat medical conditions. However, this shouldn’t stop a personal trainer from talking to clients about what they should eat, you are allowed to give general suggestions and ideas.
Nutrition is often times more important than the workouts themselves, as the saying goes you can’t outwork a bad diet and you wouldn’t want all of the hard work in the gym being compromised by what your clients are eating outside of it.

You should encourage your clients to:-

  • Eat lean protein and a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.
  • Educate or provide informational resources on the benefits of healthy fats as well as the general understanding of macro and micronutrients.
  • Provide clients with meal preparation ideas and recipes. Help choose the best meal prep bag for them, as that will help with building a sustainable habit or point them to helpful meal management bag reviews.
  • Provide sources for evidenced based nutritional supplements that might help them succeed.
  • Recommend to your clients to drink plenty of water and the importance of staying well hydrated.
  • Let them know about the foundations of good nutrition and offer tips on how to improve their overall eating habits.

When communicating with your clients about nutrition it is important to do so in a simple and clearly understandable way. Whilst you may know exactly what you are talking about your client might not be so well informed so use every day vocabulary that they will understand. Once your client understands the reasoning behind doing something they are much more likely to implement it themselves once they are at home.

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